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  • How would you bring more than 30 business units and new acquisitions of a $13 billion multinational company into an entirely new name and brand in less than six months?

    We led the re-branding initiative to bring more than 30 legacy business units and newly acquired companies into one new corporate name and brand. We conducted re-branding initiatives at the local, state and national levels to not only change the logo, but to change the entire corporate identity. We worked with both employees and customers to ensure that everyone understood that this was not just a new name, it was a new beginning. Internal communication was just as important, as we integrated the corporate culture, policies and procedures across the region so that these diverse business units could effectively operate as one company. The transformation was completed in less than six months, and marketing initiatives successfully established the new name among customers in less than a year.
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  • How would you support a company's international business expansion across Europe and Asia?

    We helped several multinational companies expand their international business across Europe and Asia by translating and reproducing their marketing collateral, case studies, business contracts, tradeshow displays and other materials into multiple language formats. We've also conducted international tradeshows and supported international product demonstrations.
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  • How would you enable local customers to see, touch and interact with products and services from across the country or around the globe, on demand?

    We digitized the business development team's tools, creating dynamic video and online content, together with touch screen demonstrations and tablet-enabled briefings that could be presented anywhere, anytime. We also built a custom showroom in the DC region to bring their business offerings directly to local customers. The modular design enabled the company to customize the environment to suit customer visits, whether for air, land or sea missions. Interactive touch screen technology and simulators brought abstract ideas into sharp focus, while compelling videos demonstrated the effectiveness of diverse systems and offerings. A custom theater provided space for detailed customer briefings, and ample display areas enabled the company to showcase their latest products in a permanent setting that was available 24 hours a day.
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  • How would you obtain federal, state and local support for a $6 billion critical infrastructure project?

    We led the communications campaign for the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project, a 23-mile extension of Washington, DC's Metrorail service in Virginia, for seven years. Critical milestones include completing the federal environmental review's public participation process, in addition to delivering compelling marketing programs for Virginia to successfully compete for federal and state construction funds. Phase 1 service began in 2014 and Phase 2 is under construction.
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  • How would you close major interstate highways and still ensure that people could get to and from the most widely attended Presidential Inauguration in recent history?

    We supported Virginia's transportation communications team for the 2008 Presidential Inauguration, conducting hourly media briefings on a 24-hour basis in the days immediately before and after the event. Our communications initiatives ensured that the general public was aware of special security requirements that would impact transportation, such as the closure of major interstates in the area, as well as new options for the event, such as extra park and ride lots and extended rail and transit service hours. These measures helped ensure that Virginia's transportation system could accommodate the many thousands of visitors who attended the event.
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  • How would you convince people to leave the car at home and take the train instead?

    We launched the first state-funded rail service in Virginia history with Amtrak Virginia, including a comprehensive branding initiative and service launch campaign with print, radio, sponsoring, advertising and customer engagement strategies. The launch day program included a whistle-stop train tour for the Governor, federal, state and local officials with stops and local events at six stations across Virginia. Our marketing initiatives at the local, state and regional levels helped ensure that we met annual ridership goals in just the first six months of operation and made the case for additional service expansions across Virginia.
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