2017 Marketing Trends

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Isn’t it interesting to think about how events in the previous year will affect next year’s approach on so many levels? For example, the Pokemon Go craze created a new marketing outlet practically overnight. The following Forbes article provides more highlights in “The Top 10 Trends Driving Marketing in 2017”: http://www.forbes.com/sites/danielnewman/2016/10/18/the-top-10-trends-driving-marketing-in-2017/#5a811b307581.

It’s important to be aware of marketing trends, so take a look at your 2017 marketing plan and see if there are areas where you might want to tie into any of these current trends. If you are intimidated by the implementation, but love the idea of one or a few ideas, let us know! Foxbridge Communications can help you think through your ideas and make them a marketing reality. E-mail us for a free marketing consultation at [email protected].


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