Try Transit Week is Here!

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If you live and/or work in the DC Metro area, you know the challenges of driving between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm.  Accidents, construction and masses of vehicles on the road create crawling traffic and turn what should be a 15 minute commute into an hour.

Did you know that this is Try Transit Week in Virginia?  In fact, Thursday, September 22nd is Car Free Day!  Have you ever considered the options that are out there besides getting in your car and driving to and from your office every day?  Doesn’t the thought of hopping on the train or bus and safely relaxing with a book, checking your e-mail or even grabbing a nap sound like a nice change of pace?  Or, if you’re close enough to your office, how about getting some exercise with a nice bike ride, or even a walk, to and from work?

Take the Try Transit Week pledge and you’ll be automatically eligible to win a variety of great prizes, such as a year of transit service!  This is the week to rethink your transportation choices!  Take a chance and pledge here now:


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