Unplug for the Holidays

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The holidays are often a crazy time of year. Yet this is also a nice time of year to take a break from work and focus on time with loved ones, if we can figure out how to disconnect from work. We have our e-mails, social media, and messaging tied right to our phone and the ability to check it at any time. Here are some strategies to help you put down your phone, step away from your laptop and truly unplug for the holidays.


Prepare for your time away

Perhaps the best way to take a break from work is to tackle high priority projects before you leave. If you know you’ve got a holiday or vacation coming up, be sure to plan for backup and communicate with coworkers so you can balance your workload and leave instructions about any important remaining tasks when you go. Make sure your pre-vacation task list is realistic so that you can finish it before you leave, and delegate as needed.


Plan your return

Going back to work can be a daunting task after you’ve been out awhile. Create a plan and schedule time to catch up on e-mails, messages and general work. This will help manage the stress of coming back to a full inbox and a pile of work on your desk.


Set an away message

Most e-mail servers have an away message function. Setting a message that says something like, “Thank you for your message. I am out of the office with limited access to email from (insert date) to (insert date). I will respond to your message when I return.” If you’ll be out for a prolonged period, it’s a good idea to refer to someone else who will be in the office, “If you need immediate assistance, please contact Jane Doe at [email protected]”, etc. The same goes for phone messages – it’s quick and easy. Just remember to change it back when you’re back to work!


Be smart about checking your phone

Many of us still have to check messages while we’re out. Take the stress out of this annoying task by setting a standard time of day when you’ll check messages, perhaps first thing in the morning or before dinner. Forward any items that need immediate attention to your backup and then put the phone down. Enjoy the rest of your day knowing that you’re on top of things and you don’t have to check messages again until tomorrow.


When backup isn’t enough

If you’re struggling to manage your workload and even a backup person isn’t enough, you might want to consider some extra help. Foxbridge Communications can help you manage your marketing and communications tasks as you plan for a vacation and while you’re away. We can even help with the mountain of work that’s waiting for you when you get back. Contact us for a free consultation.


Now that you’re ready, unplug, sit back, relax and enjoy the time off! Happy Holidays!


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